+Vision Protection || Protección Visual
+Face Protection || Protección Facial
+Ear Hearing Protection || Protección Auditiva
+Respirator Safety || Protección Respiradoria
Face Protection || Protección Facial

  • Push-and-turn ratchet adjustment
  • for welding helmets or browguards.
  • Sweat bar on the head gear.
  • Design and Made in Taiwan
  • PP headgear
  • Screw assembled
Packing: Bulk Package;90 pieces per master carton
For T07PH002
The combination Per Unit (Piece)  include:
  • PP headgear
  • Screw assembled

Unit Price:USD$ 1.60 Per Piece

Quantity:  Carton (180Piece)
Total Amount: USD$288

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